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Ableton Push – new controller for Live Audio Workstation

Just a preview of new controller for Ableton Live DAW called Push. To be honest, as Live user, I’m in love with this. It seems that I could make music with … my fingers again, not with mouse. What’s wrong with the mouse ? Hmm nothing but for some reason, I always feel much more inspired using ie. Akai Mpc or other synths, controllers that have physical knobs.

What differs Push from the other is the veeery deep connection with the DAW. This video shows that you can actually do anything in Live (ok, it’s about beat making) without touching a mouse. You can set ie. quantisation, swing, and tons of other (all ?) parameters. Ooooh I like it ! 🙂

Avicii Bromance Style Sweep / Uplifter Sound Tutorial

You can achieve similar effect to Avicii – Bromance sweep / uplifter sound in many ways. The above example is just … an example. It uses certain (Vengeance) sample, it uses Ableton Impulse device, but to be honest it may be any sample, and no Impulse is required. But still, it learns the effect 🙂 I remember that I used any synth with a simple square waveform selected, then some basic Ableton Live’s effects such as Saturation (or overdrive), Delay, Reverb and it blended pretty well with standard noise uplifter sound.

Create Evolving Percussion / Drum Loops in Ableton Live

There’s always something new you can learn and this tip is really amazing. There are plenty of percussion, hi-hat, drum loops available everywhere. Using them unchanged is … boring, chopping them is flexible but … boring too 😉

By watching the above tutorial (created by Quantise Courses), you’ll learn how to automatically create / generate “new” loops from the existing ones. I don’t know what you’ll think about it but personally, I think that the way “new” loops are created is very entertaining. Why ? Because you don’t need to pay attention to the rhythm, you only need to focus on … sound 🙂

All you have to do is to learn a little bit more about Live’s Launch section…

Overall, it’s one of the tutorials which really learnt me something 🙂

Ableton Live Ping Pong delay modes

Did you know that Live’s Ping Pong Delay unit has so called transition mode, which affects the behavior of the device when the delay time is changed ? Using Repitch mode, you can get similar sounds to vintage tape/analog delay units. Dubspot instructor and Ableton Certified Trainer Thavius Beck demonstrates how to set up and use this effect.