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NastyDLA – Classic chorus echo effect

NastyDLA is the latest plugin released, about a month ago, by Bootsie (Variety Of Sound). It’s a classic chorus echo device with some signal coloring features and tape-delay simulation.

There aren’t many chorus, delay plugins available for free so NastyDLA is pretty much a gem. The quality is very high – it’s a commercial plugins quality. Just listen to the one of the Bootsie’s examples.

In this short demo a static pattern is used and NastyDLA is going to be in charge as a tape delay replacement. The chorus is not used in this example but the plug-ins coloring possibilities are shown to some extend

Download: Variety Of Sound – NastyDLA

Audio Damage Fluid – chorus unit

Couple months ago I was wondering why most software chorus plugins sound similar to each other and actually rather poor. I couldn’t find an answer and what’s worse I couldn’t find the plugin I like. I mean, come on chorus seems a simple thing to implement in software but for some reason most choruses are just terrible.

Presented chorus is finally the plugin I was looking for. It’s … Audio Damage Fluid. Some of you may not be surprised because Audio Damage plugins (effects only) have attained a cult status among users over recent years. Almost every plugin is reviewed very high by magazines such as Computer Music or Future Music. Also the pricing policy is worth mentioning – plugins (compared to quality and creativity they offer) are cheap and there are no problems with transfer license. I know it because I bought it “second handed” – who knows maybe that’s why my Fluid sounds nice, and it has more analogue soul 😉

Fluid is an analog-modeled stereo chorus suited for subtle phasey widening as well as full-on modulation mayhem. Actually, it makes chorus a usable effect again. I can just insert Fluid on my, for example, pads channel and it’ll give them nice, wide sound. Inserted on dull, motionless analogue synth channel, will give depth and richness. And I don’t have to sit whole day tweaking it – presets are nice and the gui contains just five knobs.

While Fluid is simple outside, it’s not inside. It took several design iterations followed by several tweaking iterations before developers accepted the effect. It’s internal structure is not based on any existing design. Of course it has similarities to other chorus algorithms – especially analog chorus units and multi-effects DSP hardware ones but it has it’s own tricks (as most Audio Damage plugins) too. Most vintage chorus processors used only two or three modulated delays – Fluid uses a network of five modulated delays and four fixed delays.

So why most chorus plugins sound just dull, lifeless and this one is totally opposite ?

I have a theory: lots of people don’t know what a good chorus sounds like. Lots of plug-in users and plug-in makers have not heard really nice hardware chorus units. They have no point of reference. Hence plug-in makers build blah-sounding choruses based on the simple concept that you allude to. Just about every book on music related DSP will describe chorusing as a simple one-delay/one-LFO process, so many plug-in makers will code that up as their chorus plug-in, listen to it and figure that’s what it’s supposed to sound like, and leave it at that. End-users hear the result, go “bleah!” and move on to some more interesting-sounding plug-in.

– True stereo analog-modeled chorus effect
– Feedback control for extreme special effects
– Optimized for low CPU usage
– Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control (VST version only)

ps. Mac version is also available. Unfortunately, there’s no demo version (?)

PRICE: 29 $ (transfer license available)

More info: Audio Damage Fluid

AG Works CH-2 Chorus Vst

CH-2 is a very good sounding chorus effect from AG Works. It offers a high quality modulation engine, and many other original features: one of these is the practical user interface, which allows the user to obtain thousands of different sound configurations. The user can choose the number of voices to be generated by the modulation engine. Each wet voice is represented in the XY screen in relation to the currently selected couple of parameters. This is very intuitive and powerful. It’s really nice plug-in useful not only for standard “chorus job” but also for ie. adding a backing track on vocals.

Download: AG Works CH-2 Chorus

Kjaerhus Classic Chorus

Kjaerhus Classic Chorus is a great sounding and easy to use classical Chorus VST plugin. Nice Plugin for adding Depth, Fatness and Stereo perspective to almost any Electrical Instruments or Vocal. You can use Classic Chorus for good vibrato effect too.

Classic Chorus is just like every other Kjaerhus plugins – pretty straightforward, easy to use and sounds really great.

Download: Kjaerhus Classic Chorus [Link Dead]