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Limiter 6

I’m sure you do remember Molot – great freeware compressor unit, straight from Russia. Vladislav, an author of this plugin, released some time ago, Limiter 6 – another great freebie – limiter unit. It contains the following modules, connected in series: slow RMS dynamic range compressor (RMS compressor), fast audio peaks limiter (peak limiter), high frequency audio content limiter (HF limiter), the clipper, true audio peak limiter (ISP limiter).

Download: Limiter6

George Yohng’s W1 Limiter

Another brick-wall Limiter entry – I guess it’s the last one and … the best 🙂 Seriously, I wasn’t expecting this. An official website says “It’s a clone of Waves L1” legendary limiter – yeah, right … 😉

But since I’ve already had few limiter plugins then why not download another one and test it ? George Yohng’s W1 Limiter is not a newest plugin – it was released in 2005 but actually who cares ? The most important question is: does it sound good ? Well, I don’t know if it’s Waves L1 clone or not but the point is – it limits and miximizes the sound better than Kjaerhus Classic Limiter and Jeroen Breebart Barricade. Yes, I’m subjective here – the whole blog is subjective 🙂 Just download it and test it. I believe these three limiters are the best freeware limiters. If you think different – comments are waiting 😉 There is also nice comparison between this freebie and original Waves L1 which costs 300 $.

ps. There’s Mac version available too. Don’t expect an amazing “analogue” gui because … there’s no GUI 🙂

Download: George Yohng’s W1 Limiter

Kjaerhus Classic Limiter

We don’t have many Limiter plugins available here on Vst Cafe 🙂 Actually there’s only one – Jeroen Breebart Barricade. I value it very high (just like almost every free plugin made by Jeroen) but are there any other limiters worth mentioning ?

Sure. I know it’s quite obvious but… Kjaerhus Classic Limiter is well known freeware brick wall limiter unit designed to boost the overall level of your final mixes. There’s only one knob available – Threshold. All you need to do is to put it on the Master bus, set the threshold level down and your mixes will get louder.

What does ‘brick wall’ limiter mean ?

Brick wall limiting has a very high ratio and a very fast attack time. Ideally, this ensures that an audio signal never exceeds the amplitude of the threshold. Ratios of 20:1 all the way up to :1 are considered to be ‘brick wall’. The sonic results of more than momentary and infrequent hard/brick-wall limiting are harsh and unpleasant, thus it is more common as a safety device in live sound and broadcast applications.

Is it better than Barricade ? Both are very close. It sounds different and somehow I like Barricade a little bit more. Quite often I don’t need a threshold (maximizer) because my Master Bus volume is already above 0 db – Barricade just handles all the limiting stuff pleasantly.

Download: Kjaerhus Audio Classic Limiter [Link Dead]

Jeroen Breebaart Barricade – free limiter

Barricade is another very nice plugin created by Jeroen Breebaart. It’s free brick wall limiter unit, which means that it has very high ratio and a very fast attack time. Ideally, this ensures that an audio signal never exceeds the amplitude of the threshold. Ratios of 20:1 and more are considered to be “brick wall”.

Barricade has separate controls for gain adjustment, limiter release time, and variable softclipping for extreme ‘overs’. Overall, it’s a simple limiter that does it’s job very good. If you need something more advanced but still free / cheap then you might consider buying commercial version of Barricade called Barricade Pro (cost: 10 EUR)

Download: Jeroen Breebaart Barricade