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NI Kontakt instruments

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Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

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Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

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Zvenigorod Toy USSR Piano – Free NI Kontakt instrument

Another interesting freebie – small USSR (Soviet Union) toy piano, from the year 1969, sampled (more than 150 samples) and released as NI Kontakt 5 library.
10 presets (70 mb uncompressed) offer quite unique sound that resembles a xylophone.

All I can say, If you know some more, good, not introduced NI Kontakt freebies then contact me or write comment. After all it’s all about bringing and praising the good stuff 🙂

Download: Zvenigorod – Toy Piano

Sound Magic – Piano One – Free piano

Sound Magic Piano One is a recorded Yamaha C7 concert grand piano. It does sound nice, it’s free, it’s available both for Mac OSX and 32-bit, 64-bit Windows.
Maybe the effects are not the best one, maybe the expression could be better but still it’s pretty useful. I prefer a little bit more bright pianos so I like to add some EQ, and remove some undesired “muddy” frequences as well as some adding some reverb, delay, maybe even some compression, especially if I want some Pop, Dance hmm crap 😉

Below some quick example (with Ableton Live effects):

Download: Sound Magic – Piano One

Rhodetron 73 – Mark 1 stage piano – NI Kontakt / EXS24 library

While I do like freeware stuff a lot, I totally understand that there are tons of commercial products too – both expensive and much more affordable. For example Rhodetron 73 – NI Kontakt / EXS24 sample library which introduces Mark 1 stage piano sampled through 60’s valve preamps to worn tape at 44khz/24 bit.
No, I don’t have NI Kontakt and I don’t have this sample library. Yes, I do like audio demo a lot 🙂

I’m sort of obsessed with a good dirty Rhodes sound, and I’ve produced something close with 4-5 effects on a Scarbee Rhodes. Your Rhodetron doesn’t need any FX and it’s better than what I’ve come up with. These synths ‘sound’ like synths. You’ve been able to accurately reproduce analog warmth in the digital realm better than any other soft synth I’ve ever played.

J.S. Greenier – songwriter / film & television composer – “The New Republic” (2011 Feature Film), “Whale Wars” (Docu-series).

What’s more, the price seems very reasonable – 5.99 UK pounds.

More info: Rhodetron 73 – Mark 1 stage piano (Sampleism)

1977 Mark I Rhodes Stage Piano Soundfont

jRhodes3 is a multisampled (by Learjeff) 1977 Mark I Rhodes Stage Piano. It’s available as Soundfont (SF2) format. It contains 65 samples in 5 velocity layers. Oldie but goldie 😉
Learjeff soundfonts are free for anyone to use in their music (just like most / all on VstCafe – I stay away from weird, mysterious soundfonts available from pretty much unknown sources).

Download: Learjeff’s Soundfonts – jRhodes3