Synth Britannia - 1:30h video

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15 interesting synths

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NI Kontakt instruments

Free and affordable NI Kontakt libraries Read more

Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

400 Modern presets for V-Station

Tons of presets that will bring a new life to the Novation V-Station synth Visit

Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

155 Synth / lead and bass presets inspired by many modern electronica genres. Visit

Free Organ synths / samples

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Soft Synths released in 2011

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Free String Machine vsts

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Dave Smith Instruments Tempest vs Akai MPC60 – free WAV pack

Two classic drum machines, both designed by “the father of the drum machine” Roger Linn. The MPC60 is a sampler first released in 1988 and is considered one of the major contributors to the development of hip hop music. The Tempest is a modern analogue/digital hybrid drum machine released in 2011 in partnership with Dave Smith Instruments.

Boxed Ear brought them both together by synthesizing pure analog drum sounds on the Tempest and sampling them into the MPC60 for that tasty 12bit digital crunch.

Pack contents: 90 WAV files.

Nice freebie 🙂

Download: Dave Smith Instruments Tempest vs Akai MPC60 – Drum Sample Library

Digital Redux – Free Samples Bundle

Need some new samples, loops ? Digital Redux Free Bundle is a pack, released by Loophunter, which contains all free sample packs from the whole products of Loophunter Digital Redux producer. There are over than 1300 samples and loops with plenty of styles such as electro, house, techno, chill out, dubstep, hip-hop, dnb, and the likes.

I didn’t try it but hey , it’s quite big freebie 🙂

Download: Digital Redux Free Bundle

Peruvian Ocarina – sampled instrument

The ocarina is a wind instrument in the category of vessel flutes. Variations do exist, but a typical ocarina is an enclosed space with four to twelve finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the body. It is traditionally made from clay or ceramic, but other materials may also be used, such as plastic, wood, glass, metal, or bone.

PrecisionSound captured the sound of Peruvian Ocarina and released it as freebie. The instrument contains 56 24bit mono WAV samples – 4 articulations, normal, legato, glissando and staccato. Peruvian Ocarina is available as SF2 file, NI Kontakt and Halion format.

Audio example

Download: Peruvian Ocarina

Hollow Sun – Vital Organs

Hollow Sun Vital Organs is a collection of organ sounds, useful for any number of musical genres. There are 35 different organ sounds from Hammond B3s, rock, jazz to church and cathedral sounds with distortion, cab simulator, rotary cab and reverb effects. Looks like great NI Kontakt library and, what’s important, the price is very, very affordable. Just 2 UK pounds which means 17.5p per each preset.

In Regalia Triumphus

More info: Hollow Sun – Vital Organs

Reed Chord Organs: Bontempi B3, Magnus 360, MicrOrgan and Supertone multisampled

And yet another interesting project from Sampleism – Community Based / Small, Independent Developers sample libarries. This time it’s 4 different Reed Chord Organs: Bontempi B3, Magnus 360, MicrOrgan and Supertone made by Les Productions Zvon. The library is available in two formats: SFZ (you can use great and free Beat Zampler) and NI Kontakt format.

Kontakt versions have 72 instruments and multis made with the original samples and 26 instruments using the tone or time machine engines, custom skins and scripts (2 scripts for K4 and 1 for K3.5). Also the Kontakt versions include instruments with original tuning of the instruments and retuned instruments. The sfz version has 27 definition files.

The library is currently 50 % off which means the cost of 3.25 UK pounds. Is it worth ? Well, the author bought all these organs at a local flea market, sampled so I guess it’s worth much more. Also the audio demo is nice 🙂

More info: Reed Organs