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NI Kontakt instruments

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Sylenth EDM Soundset

165 modern presets, created by me, for Lennar Digital Sylenth synth. Visit

400 Modern presets for V-Station

Tons of presets that will bring a new life to the Novation V-Station synth Visit

Cakewalk Z3ta+ 2 presets

155 Synth / lead and bass presets inspired by many modern electronica genres. Visit

Free Organ synths / samples

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Soft Synths released in 2011

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Free String Machine vsts

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Synthline Brzoza FM Synth

Brzoza is quite interesting 2 operator, 6 modulator synth (each operator has 3 modulators). This freebie has been reviewed in Beat Magazine and is designed to create a wide range of sounds from simple leads and bass patches to more complex evolving textures. Overall, it’s good to see another, interesting FM Synth. I mean, sure it’s not NI FM8 but it’s free and clean UI invites to program some presets 🙂

Download: Saltline Brzoza FM Synth

Venom VB-303 synth

Venom VB-303 virtual synth is an emulation of legendary Roland TB-303. An author of this project, Anton Lyubenov Savov aka Antto, decided, after 4 years of development, to finally release this freebie 🙂 If you haven’t explored TB-303, acid sounds in your productions, feel free to try this baby 😉 or take a look at some other TB-303 emulations / recreations.

I am interested in using a 303, not because it emulates a bass guitar, but because of that special unique sound that comes out of it.
Ive been trying to recreate this sound for 10 years, i know its a single oscillator thru a resonant filter, but no matter what i did – something wasnt quite right.
Ive been trying to understand – WHY is it so hard to make this sound on my own? What makes it so special?
It took me 4 years to get to here, and now i think i can see the answer.

ps. It’s been a while since last update 🙂

Download: Venom VB-303

Digits – Phase Distortion Synth

Digits is not another “real vintage true analog emulation synth” 😉 It’s a phase distortion virtual synth inspired by Casio’s CZ line. It comes with over 50 presets which include some basses, leads, pseudo-realistic instruments, phat pads and gritty sweeps. The interface is minimal and designed to enable the user to create sounds from scratch in record time.

Overall, it’s like I said – it’s not another subtractive synth. It’s simple, it’s quite unique (i guess, you won’t create there some latest pop / dance presets 😉 ) and available for Mac as well as Windows 32/64 bit. Audio demo below:

Download: Digits – Phase Distortion Synth

Elektrostudio Model Mini – Virtual Synth

Another great virtual instrument, developed by Elektrostudio.
This time, it’s Model Mini – mono synth inspired by a legendary Minimoog. The CPU usage is close to zero ;), and the sound quality, judging by people feedback, is amazing too. It doesn’t sound worse than ie. commercial Minimoog emulations (such as Arturia stuff, for example). Great, hehe value 🙂

Download: Elektrostudio Model Mini

u-he Podolski synth – Christmas Freebie

u-he Podolski is a simple, CPU efficient, virtual analogue soft synthesizer.
Basically a cut down version of FilterscapeVA with just one oscillator, one filter, one envelope and two LFOs, it also features a Zebra-style arpeggiator/sequencer plus chorus and delay effects. Podolski’s unique features are the Click parameter (emphasizes the filter attack) and its ability to seamlessly morph between three waveforms (WaveWarp).

This vst instrument brings over 300 presets on the table so it’s worth checking out 🙂

Download: u-he Podolski

Sound Magic – Piano One – Free piano

Sound Magic Piano One is a recorded Yamaha C7 concert grand piano. It does sound nice, it’s free, it’s available both for Mac OSX and 32-bit, 64-bit Windows.
Maybe the effects are not the best one, maybe the expression could be better but still it’s pretty useful. I prefer a little bit more bright pianos so I like to add some EQ, and remove some undesired “muddy” frequences as well as some adding some reverb, delay, maybe even some compression, especially if I want some Pop, Dance hmm crap 😉

Below some quick example (with Ableton Live effects):

Download: Sound Magic – Piano One

Beat Zampler by Synapse Audio – free SFZ samples player

Beat Magazine and Synapse Audio (remember Dune ? No, not the movie / game 😉 ) released (few months ago) free SFZ samples player called Zampler.
Of course, there are at least few other SFZ players available such as SFZ Sample Player, Camel Audio SFZ Player, Wusikstation Sampler can open SFZ files (as far as I remember) but Zampler just seems to be the best. Why ? First, GUI – it offers very similar style to Dune – it’s clean and user friendly. Second – preset browser. I like it’s simplicity, with just few clicks I’m able to create some new patches and save them as bank. Third – features. Zampler offers user friendly (again Dune) Mod Matrix, Arpeggiator, three LFOs, Filter, Amplitude / Filter Envelopes but what’s most important, it brings quality effects on the table:
– Drive – 9 types
– Two EQ – 3 types per each EQ
– Phaser / Flanger / Chorus – 3 Phaser types, 2 Flanger, 2 Chorus
– Delay – 8 types (ie. simple, ping-pong)
– Reverb – 5 types (or maybe I should say more like a adjustable presets – Cathedral, Hall etc.)

I mean, I just like it. It’s the first time I have enough of will 🙂 to categorize my SFZ files, load them, adjust some effects and save them as FXP presets / FXB bank. If you’re looking for good SFZ player – pick Zampler. It’s available both for Mac OSX and PC.

Are there any good, free SFZ libraries available ?
Sonatina Symphonic Orchesta
Salamander Grand Piano
Skerratt London Piano
Beat Zampler Official Website libraries section
The Poor Man Rock Drum Kit
Ibanez Bass Guitar

Download: Zampler – Official Website

g200kg Kamioooka – Full Modular Synth

Kamioooka is a full-modular synth with patch cable system developed by g200kg (known mainly from nice pitch correction “auto-tune” plugin called Kerovee). Kamiooka scored third place in KVR Developer Challenge 2012, which is the fourth free-for-all audio plug-in / audio application / soundware design event, where people vote and there are prizes, hand shakes etc 😉

First of all, it’s very low CPU consumption plugin. It offers real (well it’s modular 🙂 ) flexibility. If you need to, you can choose ie. five voltage controlled oscillators, or few LFOs and connect everything with nice cables 🙂 I would say that Kamiooka is a very interesting plugin especially for those who like program (modular) synths. If you’re a preset player then there aren’t many presets available. The factory bank contains only 38 patches (first 5-6 are more like a tutorial), but luckily you can extend it – there’s an additional 30 patch bank available on official website.

I like it – would love to see some more presets available.

Download: G200kg – official website

ps. Welcome back 🙂

Tyrell N6 2.0

Normally I don’t write about software updates but this one is pretty important 🙂 About 2 weeks ago, Amazona.de and U-He have released an updated version of great freebie – Tyrell N6 2.0.
So, what’s new ? Well, the most important thing is analog chorus effect introduced and some very subtle sonic changes. There’s also a GUI changed which to be honest I don’t like but there is always a solution 😉 You can download custom Tyrell N6 2.0 skin from http://www.omnitaur.se/ website so it’ll look just like on screenshot – clean and very 80s-like 🙂

The other features are pretty much the same as original – great sound quality, a lot of presets (around 500), and both Mac OSX + PC version available. If you didn’t have possibility to hear Tyrell, check these community made audio demos (created with Tyrell N6 1.0 version)

Audio Demos – all Tyrell made

Download: Tyrell N6 2.0 | Tyrell N6 2.0 Skin

Krakli S3O Organs

S30 organs is/was designed to be a little different from the traditional Hammond emulators, it does a strong job of replicating Power Organs, Game-show organs, console Organs, electronic organs.
It was previously available as a part of the RMP2 pack, but now it’s available as totally free instrument.

Audio demo by Krakli

Download: Krakli S3O